The Tower and the Garden for choir and string quartet
(The Crossing)

Fellow Travelers an opera (Cincinnati Opera)

Paul's Case an opera for seven singers and nine players
(Urban Arias)

Requiem for six solo singers, recorder, harps, chimes
viola and electric organ (New Amsterdam Records)

Castor and Patience an opera (excerpt)

A New Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei
for the Mozart Requiem (Seraphic Fire and the Firebird
Chamber Orchestra)

Toccata: Troika for solo piano (Youlan Ji)

Double Trumpet Concerto (excerpt) for two trumpets
and strings (Brandon Ridenour, AndyKozar and the
String Orchestra of Brooklyn)

Buttonwood for string quartet (The JACK Quartet)

Our Lady for countertenor baroque strings and organ
(Ryland Angel and the Sebastian Players)

Owen Songs for two sopranos and
four-hand piano (The Owen Quartet)

Finishing for chamber orchestra
(American Composers Orchestra)