Love Story (15') for countertenor and orchestra. Words: Tracy K. Smith. 2021.

Double Trumpet Concerto (15') for two trumpets and string orchestra. 2017.

Processional (5') for orchestra. 2014.

A New Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei for the Mozart Requiem (20') for choir, soloists, and orchestra. 2013. (Arranged for period instrument orchestra 2016)

Patience (10’) for orchestra and record player. 2005.

Felix (7’) for orchestra. 2005.

Finishing (14’) for chamber orchestra. 2002.

Circle Stories (13’) for orchestra. 2001.

Midnight Pictures (8’) for large orchestra. 2000. 


The Righteous (153') an opera in two acts. Libretto: Tracy K. Smith. In progress. 2024.

Castor and Patience (137') an opera in two acts. Libretto: Tracy K. Smith. 2020.

Jason and the Argonauts (45') an opera for young people. Libretto: Kathryn Walat. 2016.

Fellow Travelers (111') an opera based on Thomas Mallon's novel Fellow Travelers. Libretto: Greg Pierce. 2016.

O Columbia (70') a chamber opera for choir, soloists, and chamber orchestra. Libretto: Royce Vavrek. 2015.

Wolf-in-Skins - Part I (65') a dance opera written in collaboration with choreographer Christopher Williams. Libretto: Christopher Williams. 2013.

Paul’s Case (85’) a two-act opera based on the Willa Cather short story “Paul’s Case.” Libretto: Kathryn Walat and Gregory Spears. 2009 (orch. for nine players) 2013.

The Bricklayer (37') a one-act chamber opera. Libretto: Farnoosh Moshiri. 2012.


The Neighboring Village(13') for choir and two recorders. 2024.

The Tower and the Garden (35') for choir and string quartet. 2018.

The Bitter Good (21') for four voices. 2017.

Requiem (37’) for six solo voices, pedal harp, medieval troubadour harp, viola, recorder, chimes, and electric organ. 2010.


String Quartet No. 2 (15') for string quartet. 2022.

The Census at Bethlehem (5') for cello and harpsichord. 2018.

(25') a dramatic cantata for period instruments and four vocalists. 2015.

The Love Song of Gilfaethwy the False (9') for baritone, recorder, baroque strings, and harp. 2011.

Fay Milkmaids Calling the Kine (7') for two sopranos, countertenor, baroque strings, and harp. 2011

Our Lady (13') for countertenor, organ, and baroque string ensemble. 2011

The Curse of Gwyn ap Nudd (6') for bass-baritone, soprano, recorder, harp, and viola. 2011.

Buttonwood (String Quartet No. 1) (23’) for string quartet. 2010.

The Golden Legend (29’) scored for seven voices, viola da gamba, viola, recorder, banjo, medieval troubadour harp, portative organ, percussion, and electronics. 2009.

The Bear and the Dove (11’) for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, bass, and piano. 2008 (rev. and arr. for nine players 2014).

Brave Men Sail (11’) for 17 players. 2007.

Tir Na nOg (11’) for celesta, electric organ, percussion and two cellos. 2007.

Quiet Songs (12’) for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass, piano, and tape. 2006.

Match-Up (12’) for percussion quartet. 2004.

Eight Plus (20’) for mezzo-soprano, alto flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano/synthesizer, and percussion. 2003.

Triple (30’) for organ, synthesizer, and two percussionists. 2003.

Consolations (25’) for two percussionists. 2002.

Sweet (17’) for two solo voices and small chamber ensemble. 2002.

Soar-Stop (8’) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano. 2001.

Small Pictures (13’) for string quartet. 2000. 


Walden (25') a song cycle for baritone and piano. 2018.

Aquehonga (4') for mezzo soprano and piano. 2017.

Where I Lived, and What I Lived for (5’) for baritone and piano. 2013.

Savior Machine (6') for mezzo soprano and piano. 2011.

Feast of Flowers (7') for soprano and piano 2011.

The Romantics (26') a song cycle for soprano, baritone, and piano 2008.

Owen Songs (55’) a song cycle for two sopranos, piano 4-hands, and electronics.


Seven Days (103') for solo piano. 2021.

A Distant Ridge of Earth (5.5') for horn and pre-recorded organ. 2021.

Toccata (Troika) (8.5') for piano. 2018.

Toccata (Wild Horses) (4’30'') for piano. 2012.

Etudes (19’) for piano. 2005.

Our Year: Spring (13’) for solo piano (or piano 4-hands) and electronics. 2005.